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3D Math Data

Kentucky Chrome does not design wheels. We use your math data to calculate surface area. By using your data we can very accurately quote your wheels for metal content.

Kentucky Chrome can read and measure your 3D data in a variety of formats. We have in-house capability with Iges (igs), Step (stp) and AutoCad (dwg) files. We can convert Catia and other formats to Step and Iges.

Use of 3D Math Data assures proper manufacture of auxiliary anode tooling. Utilizing your Math Data shaves weeks off of delivery. Auxiliary anodes are manufactured from Titanium with an Iridium Oxide coating.

Auxiliary Anodes allow us to “direct” throw of metals into deep recesses and corners. Metal deposition follows the path of least resistance. It is necessary to channel the metals where it is needed to assure uniform plating thickness over the entire wheel.

The result of proper plating thickness and controlled current is a beautiful and high performance chrome plated wheel.

3D Math Data is also used in the design and manufacture of paint masks. To meet OEM specifications all wheels are painted with an anti-corrosion paint on the tire wells and the brake sides of the wheel. Sophisticated paint masks assure there is no paint on the Class A Face of the wheel.


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